Covid-19 Customer Rules & Regulations

Our team at Muddy River takes the health and safety of our customers and employees very seriously. We ask that you do too! Because if you don't, we do have the right to decline services. So, please abide by the following social distancing rules:

  • Masks must be worn at all times when moving around the entire property

  • Masks must be worn while ordering beer and food items

  • Maintain the recommended 6' distance + wear mask when around folks outside your immediate social circle. 

  • No indoor seating. You can come buy a bevvy or use the restroom, but can't stay inside

  • No more than 50 people can be on premises at one time

  • PLEASE! No unnecessary milling about the property (this means kids too)

  • Once settled into your designated social zone, masks can be removed - Cheers! 🍻

NY State​ Covid-19 Food Requirement

  • Customers consuming alcohol on-premises must purchase a food item with their first alcohol order. There will be a limited snack menu offered, as well as occasional Food Truck offerings.

  • Customers can share a food item if it provides enough food for the people sharing it.

  • A "food item" means, at minimum for manufacturers with on premises service privileges, a diversified selection of food that is ordinarily consumed without the use of tableware and can be conveniently consumed, including but not limited to: pretzels, chips, breads, mustards and crackers.